Air Conditioning Approval Request





The Applicant acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions if approval is granted:

• The ongoing upkeep and maintenance of same is the sole responsibility of the lot owner

• Any damage incurred to the building during the installation and thereafter will be rectified immediately by the lot owner

• All services and fees in relation to these alterations will be at the sole cost to the owner

• Any external improvements will be closely colour matched to the building colour

• All external pipework will be run into a downpipe or drain and not left to drain onto the ground near the complex

• If the condenser unit is to be located on a balcony, the Lot owner shall ensure the unit does NOT pose as a climbing hazard in any way and at all times shall indemnify the Body Corporate for any safety risks with the location of this unit in proximity to balustrading.

• If applicable, the lot owner will provide the Body Corporate with copies of all council approvals for these alterations.

• Works will only be performed on a weekday between 8.00am and 4.00pm (no public holidays).

A fee of $90 is payable to our office before this application will be processed.
Cash or cheque or direct debit to North Shore Strata Management BSB 184-446 Ac # 304 497 035 (copy of payment confirmation is required). This fee is non-refundable if the application is unsuccessful.
Please note that North Shore Strata Management is not authorised to consider your request. It will be forwarded to the Body Corporate for consideration. This process will take approximately 28 - 35 days after the application is received
Please forward your completed application plus all attachments and payment confirmation to or drop into our office at 934 David Low Way, Marcoola.