Pet Application Request

A fee of $60 is required to process the Pet Request application.

2.66% surcharge to all cards


North Shore Strata Pty Ltd: BSB 184-446 | Account No: 304 497 035

Terms and Conditions

The pet/s must be kept within the Lot while it is present on the scheme land.

The pet must not be permitted to roam on common property or into other lots.

The pet may enter or traverse the common property only for the purposes of being brought onto or taken off the scheme land, at which time the pet must ALWAYS be on a leash or carried.

Any pet/s other than the approved pet/s specified in this application are NOT allowed at the property. The pet/s must be formally approved by the committee in writing before allowing the pet on the property. Approval is NOT guaranteed. This approval applies only to the pet/s in this application and substitutes or replacements are not authorised.

The Applicant must ensure the pet has the appropriate licenses as required by the local Council or any other authority. The pet must be desexed and vaccinated.

Reasonable steps will be taken to keep the pet in good health and free from fleas and parasites.

The pet/s shall not make noise, or otherwise become an annoyance, nuisance or source of discomfort that interferes with any persons use or enjoyment of another lot or common property.

The pet is not permitted to urinate or defecate on the common property.

Any animal waste must be effectively disposed of promptly to avoid spillage or noxious odours.
The Applicant shall be liable for any damage or injury whatsoever caused by the pet/s on the Common Property. The Applicant must repair any damage caused by the pet immediately.

The Committee of the Body Corporate shall be entitled to rescind permission for the pet/s if it reasonably considers that the applicant has not complied with the conditions of approval or has failed to respond/react appropriately after 2 written warnings of the Body Corporate about these concerns.

Please note that North Shore Body Corporate is not authorised to consider your request. It will be forwarded to the Body Corporate for consideration. This process will take approximately 8 - 15 days after the application is received

By pressing submit you are requesting approval of the above-mentioned pet/s to be approved at the Complex and agree to the above and any other conditions to this approval imposed by the Committee.