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Dr Robert Hardingham

Chairperson – Alexandra on the Pacific


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It is indeed a pleasure to write a reference for Cathy Pashley, Manager of North Shore Body Corporate Specialists, because it is not too often one has the opportunity to put words to paper about such a conscientious, hard-working and highly skilled professional leader in a challenging and demanding industry.

I believe I am well placed to pass judgement on Cathy having held Executive positions on Body Corporate Committees for over thirty years in a number of building complexes both in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. During this time, I have worked with a number of Body Corporate Managers, handling many complex and challenging issues including the full range of compliance, maintenance, legislative and financial matters. However, only one Manager has struck me as a first-class professional far exceeding my expectations and leading me to conclude here is a leader with so much to offer the Body Corporate industry. Cathy Pashley is by far the most competent, committed and reliable Body Corporate Manager I have ever worked with.

Let me explain why…

About 4 years ago the Body Corporate Committee of Alexandra on the Pacific felt the need to improve the quality of service and the value for money we were receiving from our Body Corporate Manager. Changing Body Corporate Managers is no easy task. We needed to do our homework. We identified a large number of available companies and carefully analyzed what each had to offer. Interestingly we found most of them were very similar to the Company we already had. However, North Shore Body Corporate Specialists were refreshingly different in terms of their cost structure as well as their operational and management procedures. Here was a Company that was focused on a professional client service rather than excessive managerial detail and costly administrative practices. We decided to make the change. It was the best decision we could have made. No regrets whatsoever.

Cathy Pashley is the energy, creative influence, the architect and the driving force behind this innovative and progressive Body Corporate Company. She has developed a highly responsive and efficient team with excellent communication skills and the ability to take control and responsibility for a wide range of issues both large and small. As well as staff dealing with a wide range of general Body Corporate matters, Cathy has specialists engaged in various sections such as accounts and fire services, all of whom are well informed and readily accessible. Our Body Corporate Committee has had to deal with a considerable number of very demanding and quite challenging issues over the past 12 months. Some of these issues appeared to be quite insurmountable at times. However, Cathy took charge of all our challenges without hesitation and soon revealed her extensive range of skills, expertise and knowledge of the Body Corporate industry.

Let me highlight some of her special attributes that made a real difference to the success and achievements of our Body Corporate community:

1. Excellent negotiation and mediation skills – This is one of her outstanding qualities. Cathy has the ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses in people and how best to handle hostile environments between Managers, Owners and Committees. Not only does Cathy have an excellent grasp on how best to act but a very mature understanding of when best to proceed. her charming personality, confident interactive style and sensitivity towards the feelings of others give her a formidable strength in this area.

2. Extensive knowledge of the legislation – It is easy to have complete confidence in dealing with Cathy on complex issues because of her extensive and detailed knowledge of all relevant legislation. This has been very reassuring to us on several occasions in recent months.

3. A very businesslike approach to decision-making and correspondence – Cathy and her team have adopted a very impressive no-nonsense approach when addressing issues within the body corporate. They are quick to identify the key points of an issue and focus clearly and efficiently on resolving matters in a decisive and comprehensive manner.

4. A passion for resolving issues without delay – Cathy is highly motivated to deal with issues as soon as they arise. She likes to confront and address problems before they escalate and get out of hand. Her energy and enthusiasm for cutting through the unnecessary to achieve a successful and meaningful outcome area pleasure to observe. Members of our Body Corporate Committee are full of prize for the way Cathy deals with the agenda items at meetings. Cathy never fails to impress.

5. A large network of tradespeople and other specialists – Cathy and her Company have established a very comprehensive network of skilled and experienced tradesman to attend to maintenance and compliant issues in a reliable and timely manner. Cathy has taken the time to establish a good working relationship with many of these people and they respond by doing their best to satisfy her requests without undue delay. This has been a significant factor in helping us achieve our goals in a timely fashion and at lower costs.

6. Contactable at all times of the day – In the busy world in which we live today it is quite surprising to find someone as busy as Cathy being available at all times of the day including weekends. This is not a service to be abused but Cathy has readily given of her time after business hours to deal with several pressing issues confronting us from time to time. She has done this willingly and without hesitation.

In conclusion, let me reiterate I am writing about a very competent and highly experienced Body Corporate manager. Cathy Pashley is an outstanding professional in her field. I would strongly recommend her and her company to any Body Corporate seeking a first-class performance at fair and reasonable costs. Cathy and her team are a real pleasure to work with. They are a friendly switched-on group ready and willing to make life so much easier for Body Corporate Committees, resident Managers and individual owners. I wish her well in the future and hope we continue to experience her contributions to our complex for many years to come.

Doug Simon

Chairperson Taralla CTS 15627

Northshore Strata Management have provided first class Body Corporate management services to Taralla Apartments CTS 15627 for over 10 years. Due to issues beyond the control of our managers the past 12 months have been by far the most difficult in the 25 year life of the scheme and we have emerged from significant challenges in a very good place thanks to the help and leadership of our strata managers.

In January of this year the entire committee resigned and no owner was willing to nominate because of ongoing difficulties and conflict with our on-site managers. Cathy Pashley, Northshore Strata principal, immediately stepped in and offered to personally guide us through 2020 under a chapter 5 agreement. Cathy and owners agreed an objective to resolve differences and restore harmony in the scheme within 12 months so that owners felt comfortable resuming committee responsibilities in early 2021, a task that appeared daunting if not impossible at the time.

In just 6 months Cathy worked her way through the various challenges and negotiated outcomes which were agreed by all parties. Owners are so happy with the results the committee has been reformed 6 months ahead of what was an extremely aggressive target and 100% of owners are aligned with and fully supportive of our future plans and programs. Taralla’s financial outlook is also healthier than it has been at any time during the past 5 years thanks to the leadership and hard work of Cathy and her team.

A year ago some owners were contemplating selling to get away from a situation of disunity whereas today all owners are extremely happy and plan to stay because the future looks so bright. Just last month 100% of owners, excluding 2 from interstate or overseas who were unable to travel to Qld due to Covid-19 restrictions, travelled to Noosa and spent the weekend working by day to improve the presentation of the scheme and partying by night. This is the first time in the life of the scheme so many owners have got together and would never have happened without the interventions led by Cathy and her team.

Of course day to day management of the scheme has happened seamlessly and effectively as it has every year for the past 10+ since we engaged Northshore Strata Management.

Taralla Apartments is incredibly lucky to have engaged the best in the business and we fully expect to continue our association with Cathy and her team for the next 10 years and beyond.

Paul Merry

Chairperson | Beach Haven Apartments, 16 First Avenue, Coolum Beach, 4573.

I have known Cathy Pashley, Principal and Strata Manager of the North Shore Strata Management, for the past 13 years from when her company was first engaged by the Body Corporate Committee of the Beach Haven Apartment Complex at Coolum Beach. My knowledge and understanding of Cathy’s Company increased considerably when I became Chairperson of the Beach Haven Apartment Body Corporate in 2015. It has been, and it is, a pleasure working with Cathy and her committed team.

Cathy, her Senior Strata Manager Priscilla Heathcote who has assisted Cathy for some 10 years and their team, have always been extremely helpful, courteous and totally professional at all times in their approach to all matters of administration, maintenance and for all of the services that they provide. No request is ever too difficult for them to attend to in a very timely manner.

The aspect of their service really came to the fore over the 2019-2020 Christmas period when it was necessary to appoint new contractors for our swimming pool and stairwell cleaning. At the same time, it was crucial to organise numerous repairs and up-grades to the pool and garden surrounds when an incident in the pool had necessitated a careful revision of our pool by the Sunshine Coast Council. Both issues were handled brilliantly by Cathy who offered to work on them right through the Christmas holiday period, as both had stringent timelines attached to them.

As the Corporate Body Chairperson and living away from the Complex, I could not praise Cathy highly enough in her handling of these two issues, and in fact, with any other concerns that arise regularly relating to the Complex. Cathy did an outstanding job in meeting both deadlines which involved numerous meetings, emails and phone calls and always keeping in contact with me with what was happening. Her instant knowledge of the trades people required was excellent and there were no complications in completing the projects on time.

As a show of good faith and a gesture by North Shore Strata Management during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have reduced their Body Corporate Administrative fees for the 2020-2021 year considerably to a figure which is slightly less than the 2018-2019 base fee. As owners we are very appreciative of this kind and positive gesture.

Cathy’s expertise and knowledge in all Body Corporate matters are outstanding, and she will always go to no end of trouble to research what is required to complete tasks. From my knowledge and perspective, Cathy is a dedicated team player and has a genuine and caring interest for her strata community clients, her staff and the tradespeople who work with her.

I wish the North Shore Strata Management well in their nomination for the Award for Excellence in the aoagement emulaUon and I look forward to hearing there result.

Mike Winter

Coral Beach Resort


I have been the Chairman of the Coral Beach Body Corporate Committee (BCC) for the last 6 years and it gives me pleasure to be able to provide a reference for the North Shore Strata Management company.

Our resort comprises of 47 townhouse units that provide short term accommodation for visitors to Noosa and the owners are extremely fortunate to have the backing of excellent On-Site Managers supported by North Shore Strata Management to look after our investment properties. In particular, Cath Pashley, who is the Principle of North Shore is an absolute pleasure to deal with as she is both knowledgeable and extremely proactive in providing the Body Corporate Committee and On-Site Managers with advice and attending to any issues that present themselves. I have found Cath and her staff to be easily accessible either by mobile phone or email, and have on occasions needed to speak to them after hours and on weekends, and have always been surprised at how available and responsive they are. They have provided consistent and excellent service to us at Coral Beach over many years and understand the concept of teamwork and collaboration when it comes to managing community title schemes such as ours. I can honestly say that I couldn’t be happier with North Shore Strata Management, and know that the On-Site Managers feel the same.

I am also the Chairman of a BCC for a similar complex down on the Gold Coast, and a Committee Member on two other investment properties that I own in Brisbane and therefore feel well qualified in saying that Cath and her North Coast Strata Management staff set the standard for excellence in terms of Strata Management service and I fully endorse them.

I can be contacted for further details and wish Cath and her team every success for the future.